About Me

Hello, I'm Jessica and I am the owner of Iced 'n' Sliced.

I am 25 years old and I've been baking since I was a young child. I first started when I was probably about 3, but when I say 'baking', I really mean opening a box, adding an egg and water, mixing, cooking and eating. Nothing too adventurous!! I guess I properly started baking when I was about 12, and that was still basic cupcakes and Victoria sponges, but they were from scratch at least :)

Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to work with animals, dogs specifically. I done lots of work experience in the dog industry during school, then went on to study animal management at college which was amazing. Since finishing college, I haven't yet found a job that interests me, which is why I focused more on my business, and a 'dog job' has been pushed to the side.

When I first started, I was only cake making. I made my first papercut in 2014 when I was practising for family members gifts. I decided to add that to my business, which is when 'Iced 'n' Sliced' was born. 'Iced' for the cakes/cupcakes, 'Sliced' for the slicing of the paper with my scalpel.

I made my first batch of fudge when I moved house, to a completely new area, and had nothing to do for a few weeks. I'm a huge fudge lover, but became bored of the hard, brown blocks that you can buy from sweet shops etc, that have probably been sitting there for months!

Amazingly, my first ever fudge make was my rainbow pieces, and the picture is of the first ever batch too! Rainbow is probably the hardest to make as I have to let each layer set before I add the next, so it takes the longest. However, the rainbow fudge pieces are by far my most popular item, and I'm guessing it's because they are unique and not something you see everyday.

Since adding the rainbow fudge pieces to my page, I've had a lot of requests for new flavours, which is where my hundreds of flavours and products come from.

My business has since gone from strength to strength, and I literally cannot believe how quickly my little 'one-person' business is growing. I have got so many loyal and amazing customers who I cannot thank enough for all of their continued support.

I have had absolutely no experience or education of admin work, accounts, postage etc, and have learnt as I've been doing it. My business is literally a one-person business, involving me imagining, designing, making, cutting, packaging and posting aswell as networking/advertising, posting on my page, chatting to customers and invoicing and shopping for supplies. So if I do not reply to your messages straight away, please do not think I'm ignoring you, I'm probably surrounded by fudge.