How long does the fudge last for?

I recommend all fudge is eaten within 2 weeks. (unless purchased at a cheaper price due to `leftovers`, but this will be stated in the listing. All fudge parcels will come with a sticker including your orders specific 'best before' anyway!

How is best to store the fudge?

I recommend fudge pieces, trays and pizzas are kept in the fridge. This isn't a MUST, but ensures your fudge stays firm and fudge-like.

Little pots of fudge should be stored in a cool place, but not in the fridge as it'll be too hard for you to scoop.

What ingrediens are in the fudge?

Condensed Milk (Whole milk, Sugar, Skimmed milk)

White Chocolate (Sugar, cocoa butter, dried skimmed milk, dried whole milk, Dried cream (milk), Whey poweder (milk), Lactose (milk), Butterfat (milk), Emulsifier (soya leciithins), Vanilla extract)

or Milk Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, cocoa mass, whey powder (milk), Milk fat, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithins), Flavouring)

Icing Sugar (icing sugar, anti-caking agent: tricalcium phosphate)

This is the basic ingredient I use for all fudge. Each flavour may have added flavourings, colours, chocolates. If you have any allergies, please feel free to message me before hand so I can confirm what flavours may not be suitable for you!

Chocolate numbers* - these are made from candy buttons. Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernal Oil, Cocoa powder, Milk solids, reduced whey powder, emulsifier),White Vanilla Chocolate (Sugar, Vegetable oils, whole milk powder, whey powder, emulsifier.

Is the fudge suitable for vegetarians?

The main fudge is suitable for vegetarians and the majority of added toppings are too, but if you want to confirm, you can send me a message.

Is the fudge dairy and gluten free?

At the moment, none of my fudge is dairy free, but it is something I'm looking in to offering, so may be an option in the future.

I do use gluten products regularly in my kitchen so my fudge is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance's.

Can the fudge be personalised?

If you are ordering fudge to send as a gift etc, I am able to add a custom printed sticker or note in the parcel (short messages like `Happy 16th Birthday` etc are preferred).

I also now offer custom chocolate numbers to fudge trays and pizzas. These are 50p extra, and if you are wanting to order them, please ensure you write the correct number in the section available when ordering. I currently only have white and milk chocolate available and will add whatever I think will look best (unless asked otherwise).

How much is postage and can it be combined on multiple items?

I use Royal Mail to post my fudge. I post the majority of my parcels first class signed for as they usually arrive in 1-2 days and I'd much rather you recieved your fudge quicker and had longer to enjoy it rather than it sitting in a sorting office for days. I have given the option to choose between first and second class signed for, however I strongly recommend you choose first class.

First class signed for, for parcels under 1kg (15 pieces, 30 pieces, 1-2 little pots of fudge, one tray or one pizza) costs £4.60.

First class signed for, for parcels 1-2kg (45 pieces, 60 pieces, 3-4 little pots of fudge, 2-3 trays or 2 pizzas) costs £6.80.

Sometimes, you may be overcharged on postage due to the selection you have purchased. If this is the case, I will refund the postage overcharge as soon as possible.

If an item states it can only be sent 2nd class signed for, it will be made fresh to be posted on a Monday unless otherwise agreed.

How is the fudge packaged during posting?

Fudge pieces are packaged between greaseproof paper in a strong white/brown postal box then inside a mailing bag.

Fudge trays are packaged in a cellophane sleeve, bubble wrap, a strong white/brown postal box and mailing bag.

Little/giant pots of fudge are wrapped in lots of bubble wrap as the jars are glass. They are then placed inside a brown postal box and mailing bag.

Fudge pizzas are packaged between greaseproof paper, bubblewrap, a white/brown pizza style box and mailing bag.

How far in advance should I order for a specific date?

You can order as far in advance as you like for orders you'd like for a specific date, but please ensure you have sent me a message when you'd like it for, or your order will be made straight away and I am unable to accept returns/refund you. If you are ordering an item on sale, they usually have a `dispatched by` date, so please ensure you have read this before ordering!

Do you ship outside of the U.K.?

At the moment, I only sell and post within the UK.

How long do the items take to make?

Fudge pieces take 4-5 days to make, cut and package. Little/giant pots of fudge can be made within 1-2 days and fudge pizzas take 3-4 days. Please note, I do not post on weekends so if you order nearer the end of the week, I may choose to leave the dispatch date to the following Monday unless requested differently.

How do I pay for my order?

When you come to the checkout, you can pay via PayPal or card payment. If you have any problems with payment, please let me know ASAP.

Can I order to send to different addresses?

Of course! My fudge makes the perfect surprise gift for friends. However, for me to be able to do this, you must add the address to the checkout as I can only send to the address provided. Please do not add the new address to the PayPal notes as I will not be able to see this easily.

Can I order a sample pack to try different flavours?

At the moment, I do not sell sample flavour packs, however it is something I'm looking at offering soon. 

In the mean time, I do offer a fudgebites box which has 8 small pieces of a selection of flavours for just £10! 

I also offer a 'fudgescription box' which includes 6x100g+ bars of a variety of flavours which is perfect for you to try a selection of what I offer. I only have limited amounts of these boxes each month so you'll have to be quick if you are interested!

What qualifications do you hold?

My kitchen has been fully inspected by the local council, and I am fully insured and registered. 


Please ensure you have read these terms and conditions before you place an order. By placing an order, you will show that you accept and agree these terms. The following terms and conditions apply to all orders placed with Iced 'n' Sliced.


  • All fudge contains dairy products.
  • I use and store nuts in my kitchen so all fudge may contains nuts or nut traces.
  • The basic fudge is suitable for vegetarians, however items added into/on top of the fudge may not be such as marshmallows, and as I use and store these in the same kitchen, I cannot say they are 100% free.
  • If you do decide to purchase the fudge knowing these allergy warnings, you are agreeing I will not be held responsible for any reactions that may take place due to an allergy.


  • None of the fudge items will be exactly the same look/size as they are all handmade items. I will try to make your item look as close to the photo as possible, but this is not a guarantee. Fudge pieces and bars are all hand cut so may not be exactly the same in size/weight.
  • If you require further information about ingredients etc, please contact me before you order.
  • I post via Royal Mail Signed For postage Monday-Friday. I do not post on weekends as I do not want your fudge stuck in a sorting office for days. If ordering close to busy celebration holidays (Easter, Christmas etc), your fudge will be sent as soon as possible so it arrives in time. If you order just before a bank holiday, your fudge will be sent the next working day available.
  • All orders will be made as soon as possible after payment has been received, unless a specific date has been agreed.
  • If you order a 'pre-order' item that has a specific dispatch date, that is when your order will be sent. As I make in batches, I would not be able to send your order out earlier. If you do order a 'pre-order' item and ask for it to be sent sooner, your order will still be sent for the date listed, but I am happy to cancel the order if its no longer needed before the date.
  • If you choose to add a chocolate number to your fudge tray or pizza, please ensure you write the number correctly. If you make a mistake, I am unable to change the number once placed on the fudge.
  • If you are placing an order that is to be delivered to a different address (e.g. work address, friends address etc), please ensure you write it correctly in the delivery address section. Please do not list it in the notes section on here or PayPal, or email me separately as I will only post to the address shown to me here and accept no responsibly if you have written the wrong one and your order doesn't arrive.
  • If you place an order and there has been a pricing issue on a product, we may refund you and are not bound to honour the price you paid.
  • If you place an order for a 'design your own' item, please ensure you select the correct toppings option. If you don't, and ask for more toppings than you have payed for, your order will be cancelled.

Cancelling your order & Returns of faulty/damaged goods

  • If you wish to cancel your order, please ensure you have contacted me via the contact form, messaged me on my Facebook page or emailed me on [email protected] stating your name, order and reasons for cancellation within 2 hours of ordering. If you contact me after these 2 hours, I cannot guarantee you will be refunded as I may have already started to make your order. If I have started, and you have messaged me after 4 hours of ordering, I am unable to offer a refund due to the items being specially made for you.
  • If your order arrives faulty/damaged in transit, please contact me within 3 days of receipt with a picture and description of what damage has been made. All cases will be treated differently, but in most cases I will refund you or send a replacement.


  • Delivery dates are approximate so we accept no liability for late orders.
  • If you are ordering for a specific date, it is your responsibly to ensure you have given me enough time to prepare your order. I will need at least 1 weeks notice, preferably more.
  • I only post to addresses within the UK.
  • Once you get to checkout and pay, if I notice you have been overcharged for postal prices, I will send you a postage overcharge refund via PayPal.
  • If your order does not arrive, it is your responsibly to inform me ASAP
  • If your order has not arrived within 14 days of posting, please ensure you have contacted your local depot to see if they have it. If you are still unable to trace your order, contact me again and I will contact Royal Mail and lodge an inquiry to track where your parcel is. If your item is then not found or has been lost in transit, I will send you a new order, however this will not be sent out straight away as it'll need to be made freshly again, and only once I have issued a claim with Royal Mail


  • All orders can be paid via PayPal or card. PayPal is 100% secure for both the customer and I, so this is the preferred and safest method. You can pay via card through PayPal too.
  • When you pay for your order, please ensure all information is correct as I will be sending to the address provided.