Welcome To IcednSliced


Orders can now be made for Christmas delivery! All products (excluding fudge pieces) can be ordered for Christmas delivery including:

  • Fudge Trays
  • Fudge Pizzas
  • Little pots of fudge
  • Giant pots of fudge
  • Fudge loafs
  • Fudge fancies
  • Fudge-vent calendar (limited)
  • FudgeBites boxes (limited)

When ordering for Christmas delivery, please ensure you leave a note at checkout stating this, otherwise your order will be made and dispatched as soon as possible. If you have any questions about ordering for Christmas, please message me on my Facebook page ( facebook.com/IcedCakesSlicedPaper ). 

Welcome to Iced 'n' Sliced, where all of your fudge dreams come true!

I have lots of handmade, smooth and creamy fudge available in a variety of flavours from simple Vanilla Bean Sprinkles and Milk Choc Chunk, to Rainbow and Blueberry Swirl.

There are lots of fudge products you can choose from including fudge piece's, fudge tray's, little/giant pot's of fudge and fudge pizza's, plus many more!

You can browse the large choice of fudge products, but if there is something you'd love to see me offer, please let me know as I am always welcome to try new ideas.

My fudge is loved and enjoyed by many. It makes the perfect gift anytime of the year including Valentines Day, Christmas and birthday presents, aswell as wedding favours